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Private reserve

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Product Brand: Private Reserve Ink Colour : Tanzanite 59.14 ml Private Reserve is a maker of superior quality ink for Fountain Pens. The inks are all made in the USA. It is a fast drying, non-clogging, non fading ink that provides excellent coverage and a smooth flow. It has a neutral pH as well.

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Buy Escobar OG Online

Pablo Escobar OG Strain. Private Reserve Escobar OG. Buy Private Reserve Cans Online. Private Pablo Escobar Strain. Buy Pablo Escobar OG. Private Reserve Cans New Jersey. Private Reserve Cans New York.

 Pablo Escobar cannabis strain is an evenly balanced blend with a 14% THC average that newbies and pros alike enjoy. It smells like fuel and has the flavour of ripe berries, while it has a cough-inducing exhale. Escobar has a bluish purple tone with many crystals spattered about. it can treat arthritisPMSheadaches, stress, pain, and nausea. Also, Pablo Escobar cannabis strain is ideal for any time of night or day. Buy Escobar OG Online. Pablo Escobar OG Strain.

Type of High

 Nevertheless, Pablo Escobar cannabis strain’s high lasts up to an hour and a half, releasing neck and tension shoulder as a slightly enhanced focus tingles through the body while providing relief.


Lineage: The genetic origins of Pablo Escobar cannabis strain are currently unknown.
Buy Pablo Escobar OG Online. Private Reserve Cans New Jersey. Private Reserve Cans New York.
With a combination of indica and sativa effects, this potent strain has a THC content of 14.71% and a CBD level of 0.23%. The strain is overwhelming and intensely strong, making you cough initially until you adjust to the harshness of the toke. With a pungent aroma reminiscent to diesel and a berry sweet flavor, you won’t be able to resist this delicious and indulgent strain. The strain initially has a calming effect on the neck and then flows through the rest of the body, giving you a buzz long enough to help you concentrate. Escobar will give you a heady feeling at first, making you euphoric. It offers mental relief and reduces stress and anxiety. It helps cure nausea, pain and inflammation. Escobar can also treat arthritis, Tourettes Syndrome, PMS, migraines, seizures and insomnia effectively. The effects of the strain last for about 90 minutes making it an ideal choice for an afternoon smoke. The buds of the Escobar plant have blue and purple hues with dense trichomes scattered on the flowers. Veteran smokers will enjoy this potent buzz immensely. Buy Escobar OG Online. Pablo Escobar OG Strain. Private Reserve Escobar OG. Buy Private Reserve Cans Online. Private Pablo Escobar Strain.

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10 CANS, 100 CANS, 25 CANS, 50 CANS

16 reviews for Private reserve

  1. Kyle West

    Pablo Escobar is a legend and so are you guys

  2. Harley Hayes

    Straight gas ⛽️

  3. Mark Po

    Dank af

  4. Alex Morgan

    Great price for some very tasty flower

  5. Frank Holland

    This is some dope deal on some dank flower

  6. Sam Hover

    Fast delivery, great product, great prices ….I love you guys

  7. Mason Kane

    This is my fourth time ordering this flower and I always love it

  8. Dave Brattle

    Extremely tasty and potent

  9. Jonnie Wayne

    I love this stuff

  10. Mike Cummings

    I bought 100 cans and I was surprised it actually came through without any problems….thanks guys

  11. John Mole

    Not only does it tastes great it has really good mellowing effects

  12. Monica Fisher

    It tastes really good I’m very happy overall 🙂

  13. Sandra Stone

    I love the way this makes me feel. I feel chill and not paranoid at all lol.

  14. Phil Davis

    The pain in my knee went when I took it…it felt like a pill thanks guys

  15. Francis brookes

    This helps me with the pain in my back. Because of this I can do chores around the house

  16. Dave Hans

    I thought it was too good to be true until I received my products ☺️

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